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They’re 2 they’re 4 they’re 6 they’re 8

September 10, 2009

Of all the stuff that my toddler likes, the one thing I really cannot tolerate is Thomas the Tank Engine. He’s my Barney. I’d rather watch the dead air filled repetition of Dora, or the inexplicable plotlines of Little Einsteins, than suffer through the whining and nagging of those little bitches in Tidmouth Sheds.
Every episode is the same. The owner of the railroad, Sir Toppem Hatt, asks one of the engines to DO THEIR FREAKIN’ JOB and pull something to somewhere. The engine NEVER WANTS TO. Then, for the next fifteen minutes, the engine does the job and complains the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME. Finis.
Even the beauty and very Englishness of the Island of Sodor cannot make up for this. Because, and I cannot stress this enough, this IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS EVERY DAY AT MY JOB!
I suppose that Thomas is just preparing my kid for life. Guess what honey? When you grow up you will go to a job and everyone there will complain about performing this job. Even if it’s exactly what they went to school to do. Even if they applied and interviewed and worked their way into their position. Even if they tell everyone that they love their work. It doesn’t matter. When their Toppem Hatt assigns them a project all they will do is whine. When you are 2, this is hilarious. When you are 42, this makes you stabby.
Worst of all, I don’t see this love of “Nomas” ending soon. We have all the trains (second-hand thank god) and shirts and pajamas and now he wants a “Nomas” cake for his birthday. We’ve ridden the life-sized Thomas train. We go to ToyRUs Thomas days. And on and on…
But yesterday, he watched Scooby Doo. He talked about it for hours. (Him: “Mama! The Monster chased Scooby!” Me: “I think I’ve seen that one!”). So maybe he’s ready for real big kid cartoons! I can’t wait. Thundercats! Ho!