Privacy, Please

February 20, 2011

Today, as I was nude and sitting on the toilet, getting ready to take a shower, the door BURST open. This happens every, single time I’m in the bathroom so I didn’t even blink. This time, however, instead of setting up Thomas tracks and settling in for the long haul, the Bub just said, “Mama, I’m going to be very brave and let you poop and take a shower all by yourself.”
Glory be! Pooping with the door closed? This is a luxury usually reserved for the workday. And showering, drying off and primping all by myself? I was so excited I shaved my legs.
After thinking about this (I had private time for thinking!) I realized that now that Bub goes to the potty by himself, he has realized the need for privacy and is willing to offer it to me, too. Happy Valentine’s Day Mama! Best. Gift. Ever.


2 Responses to “Privacy, Please”

  1. Robert Says:

    *laughs* You’re lucky. We grew up in a household with only one bathroom for four people. We pretty much had to share and had an open door policy. My poor mother had to answer questions about everything under the sun. I was the only kid in elementary school who understood about periods, tampons, pads, etc.

  2. Ashley Says:

    I yearn for the day, both when children in my house will use the potty by themselves, and when I will be able to use the toilet in private.

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