Oedipus Rex

January 27, 2011

“Mommy, let’s pretend I’ve already had my dream tonight! I dreamed that we got married. Now we have to kiss!”
I cannot pretend that I am not charmed by my son’s oedipal stage. I mean, no one has ever loved me this much. My name, Mama, is on his lips from the second he awakes to the second he falls asleep. He wants to eat meals sitting on my lap. And he will do anything to get my attention, including crying and hitting me. See? What passion.
I do feel a little guilty for what my husband suffers. It’s hard to be the least favored nation. And, it’s hard on me because my husband isn’t allowed to help very often if I am there. I have to do the whole, endless bedtime routine. I can’t run any errands by myself.
And, Bub’s and my relationship can be complicated. When he’s mad at me, a few times every day, he’s REALLY mad. The flip side of love and all that… Cutting his waffle wrong is a huge betrayal that leads to at least fifteen minutes of tears and rebukes and “I don’t love you anymore”s or “You’re not my best friend anymore”s. He actually does save the drama for his mama.
Even with all that, I am cherishing this time. The hugs and kisses and cuddles. The undying love (and hate!). I’ll never be this much of my son’s life again. I’ll never get to hold him while he sleeps and smell his head. It’s not his baby smell anymore–he smells like soap and sleepy sweat. One day he’ll stop proposing and telling me that I’m beautiful. So I’ll put up with his sometimes irritating constant demands. Heck, I’ll even encourage him!


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