November 23, 2009

This seems to be the first year Bub is really understanding about Christmas. He’s truly excited about the lights and decorations, and, of course, the presents. I’m trying to get him excited about giving, also, and at almost three he really does seem almost as interested in making things for other people as he is about getting some new toys.
He is also sort of getting it about Santa. Not a lot about the logistics of the sleigh, the reindeer, the around the world in one night stuff–but the presents parts are becoming crystal clear.
So my husband started the whole thing about how only the GOOD kids get presents. Every time the Bub was awful this weekend, husband told him Santa was watching. And when we were at our wit’s end and the Bub was running around naked after bathtime (which often leads to him peeing on something…) husband said that Santa wasn’t bringing any presents–only rocks.
Rocks! The Bub wants rocks. He wants them now! When are his rocks coming? When is Santa bringing all the rocks!? He cannot wait to get his rocks. He’ll be super naughty and then he’ll get LOTS OF ROCKS! Yay!
I hate Christmas.


One Response to “Rocks”

  1. Epiphany Says:

    LOL!! I’m sorry this is the funniest thing ever.

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