July 7, 2009

Yesterday evening, after playing outside, the bub had something on his hand. I thought it was a booger (gross, but it happens) and I went to get a tissue to wipe if off. He held out his hand and the the booger unfurled and extended it’s antennae. OMG, it was a teeny slug!
Now, I hate bugs. I’m pretty afraid of them, especially spiders. Since I’ve become a mom, I’ve really tried not to let that show. When there’s a bug in the house, I just breathe and try and sweep it up and take it outside. When we’re outdoors and we see bugs, I just look at them and talk about them. I don’t want the bub to be afraid, or to kill them. I’m happy when he’s just interested and curious.
But this time I was just so surprised by the slug. I screamed and jumped up. Then the bub screamed and shook his hand and started crying and crying. And, I didn’t do anything. I was just too freaked out, and I didn’t know where the slug went, and I was so skeeved out that it could be touching me that I just let him scream and cry while I shook out my hair and brushed at my clothes. I finally got so convinced it was on me that I stripped off my shirt. I just got the major wig and couldn’t shake it. Meanwhile, my husband had come down and was trying to calm the bub down while I stood there begging him to check my hair.
I finally got it together and hugged my child. We talked all about it and he finally calmed down. We got through bath time, and bedtime, and right before he fell asleep he said that the bug was scary, but that he was OK. I said that I was sorry I got so scared. Sometimes, you just can’t be “the mom”.
But we never found the slug. It’s still somewhere in the house, or on my shirt, or maybe in my hair. I mean, I’ve showered and changed clothes but YOU NEVER KNOW!


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