Too Big

June 26, 2009

I’m not entirely sure how this happened, but now anything undesirable is “too big”. Like, “Do you want peaches?” “No, peaches are too big.” Or “Do you want Daddy to put you to bed?” “No, Daddy is too big.”
All I can guess, is that when we play Hot Wheels, some of the Tonka trucks are too big for the tracks. So those trucks are “too big”. Somewhere along the line, we never explained that “big” was a relative size. It just meant that they won’t work. So they are “wrong” or “bad”. I don’t know.
Damn “too big” is hilarious. I don’t want to stretch it out for too long, and I’ve already started to try and explain things, and show him sizes and “big” and “little”.  He’ll get it eventually.  It’s just too hard not to laugh when he’s upset and saying he doesn’t want to go to bed because going night night is too big.
But yesterday I did end up desperately telling him that throwing his toys was “too big”. And he stopped throwing them.


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