May you never see your kid bleed from the eyes

May 1, 2009

The Bub had eye surgery to open up his tear ducts. They had to put little tubes in, because his ducts were so blocked. This is outpatient surgery–and we were told several times that he would be groggy, and then fine the next day. Lies!
The anesthetic, instead of making him groggy, made him hyper and cranky. He didn’t sleep at all that night. Not for a minute.
Then, they said that he might have “pink tears” if he cried. Wrong again, he had blood, regular blood, from his eyes and nose. And pink “panda bear” rings around each eye. And a fever.
This lasted a few days. Really bad days. Really long days.
And, after three weeks of sleeping through the night. Three weeks where we cautiously were optimistic that perhaps, the night waking was over. That he just needed a pillow. That once he started sleeping through he would get used to it and it would become the norm, he’s not sleeping well.
I can’t describe the panic this is causing me. I mean, I still wasn’t sleeping that great–after two years of waking up every few hours, but I was doing a lot better. I was looking great. Losing a few pounds. Doing my hair. Dressing up. But now I’m back to going to bed every night with a sleeping snake, just waiting for it to wake up, my heart racing the second I lie down, wondering when he’s going to start crying and if he’s going to need someone to go and rock him, or if he’s going to go back to sleep. We’re back to the endless middle of the night conferences about how the crying sounds, if he’s standing up, how long to wait before going in, if we should even go in, is he cold, is he hot, and what “technique” from what book are we going to use this time.
It’s taking years off my life.


One Response to “May you never see your kid bleed from the eyes”

  1. aj Says:


    Hang in there mama. Bub’s gonna get to feeling all better soon. Sending you well wishes from Denver.

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