The Secret Life of Mommies

April 14, 2009

There has been alot of press lately–NPR, Oprah etc. about the secrets mommies keep. About how moms pretend their lives are perfect even though they do dumb things and make *gasp* mistakes.
The only thing secret to me about this is that people still act this way. WTF? Only one douchey mom from breastfeeding class EVER has acted this way. The rest of us? Even if we do brag about our kids and lives a bit–we always own up to the mistakes.

I call bullshit on this whole “true mommy confessions thing. Haven’t these people ever actually talked to a real parent? Or read a mommy/daddy blog? We’re all about telling stories about how we fuck up. Hey, my kid never sleeps and he’s pooped in the bathtub twice! He fell down the stairs! I admitted him to the hospital when he was sick so I could get one night of sleep at home alone! My once beautifully decorated living room now looks like Toys R Us! I have nothing to hide because there’s no reason to hide anything. And every parent I talk to–from close friends to strangers at Target, are the same way. In fact, we all try to *top* eachother’s parenting fails. He who gets the most laughs and shocked gasps, wins.
We’re all trying to be great parents. But the operative word is “trying”. We love our kids passionately. In fact, the depth of my love for my son may be my *only* secret. Hint–it’s more than even I can comprehend. But kids are strange, and unpredictable, and they poop everywhere. There’s no secret about that.
So, I say to the tools who are on NPR “confessing” to fronting a perfect life–give up. Your way went out in the fifties.


One Response to “The Secret Life of Mommies”

  1. aj Says:

    SO TRUE!

    Way to tell it like it is!

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