Time changes are the suck.

November 7, 2008

When you are almost two, and something so small as using a different cup can ruin your day, then having everything happen an hour later than usual apparently can ruin at least a week.

We started moving the schedule forward last Thursday.  Eating dinner a little later and keeping the Bub up longer.  This was met with hearty disapproval.  Halloween we stayed up forty five minutes later.  But by Saturday the kid had totally had enough.He was crying all day, and met bedtime with huge tantrums.

It’s now been a week and even thoughhe does OK during the day, the nights are still pretty much screaming, starting before dinner and continuing off and on until he falls asleep out of sheer exhaustion.  He wakes up alot at strange times–even for my kid who is a champion night waker, and Papa and I are going crazy.

Added to that is me screwing up the wiring on our new thermostat, and cold weather coming back any day, and me not being able to fix anything because the help line is only open during business hours and they won’t give me any assistance when I’m not in the presence of the thermostat (believe me, I’ve begged the Indian call center to just give me a few suggestions and I’ll try them after work and call them back, but no) and Papa have unending painful dental work and I am about to lose it for good.

As extastic as I am about the election–I can’t enjoy it yet.  Not until we adjust to the new schedule, get heat in the house, and my husband out of pain.


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