Can we skip Halloween and go straight through to Christmas?

October 21, 2008

“Don’t you want to be a silly monkey?”  “Look Mommy is a silly monkey!”  “Look, Teddy is a silly monkey!”  “Look, the kitty is a silly monkey!.”  “The lamp is a silly monkey!”

Every single thing in our entire house has worn the Bub’s Halloween costume–except the Bub.

Although he loves everything else being a monkey, he screams if we put the costume on him.  He will deign to put the hood part over his head, with the rest of the costume dangling like a cape on his back (Ha!  A monkey on his back!–this costume is a freakin’ monkey on my back.) but he doesn’t want it on.

At first, he looked at the costume and said, “no, no” and then waved “bye bye” at it.  We are making some progress.  Ten more days and hopefully he’ll wear it long enough to score us a bunch of candy!  This is my first Halloween with a kid who can trick or treat and I want to at least break even!  And I don’t want to have to photoshop my baby’s face over some other kid in a monkey costume’s picture to send out to the grandparents.


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