I think I’m starting to hate the dog

September 19, 2008

Ok, not really, but since I’ve had the baby and despite my best efforts I really feel differently about the pets.  Maybe it’s not different, but it just seems like less because I love the baby so much more.  And, I have to care for the baby so much more that having extra to do for the pets just gets on my nerves.

I’ll never forget when a friend of mine started letting her cats outside.  Now, one of these cats was found abused outdoors and I would never have thought that that kitty would ever see sky again.  But, when my friend had her babies, well, she even admitted that she just didn’t see the cats the same way.  I swore up and down that would never happen to me.  I adored my pets and would always adore them.

Now, I do love them.  And I am forever amazed at how good they are with the Bub–even my rather snappish terrier, but I don’t snuggle with them the way I used to.  They are no longer a focus.  I try to pet all of them every day, but some days I don’t manage that.  The dog gets a walk, and he gets to sleep on the bed, but not a lot else.  Vet appointments go overdue.  Grooming is every few weeks at best.  And, I just don’t seek them out like I used to.  Taking care of them has become more like housework and less like taking care of a family.

I feel so guilty about it.  And I know that the pets *know*.  They feel sad–but I think they know I’m trying.  It’s just when the baby’s been up sick and crying for an hour, and I come back to bed and the cat pounces on my feet and the dog is licking something I just want to scream.  And when I come home and my son gets knocked over because the dog is jumping at me I know I have to pet the dog, but I want to just shut the dog outside and get some peace and quiet before dinner.

And they’ll keep staring at me with Disneyland eyes, wondering what happened to their mama and why we don’t have snuggle time every evening and why she keeps yelling at us for doing the same stuff that was so charming 19 months ago.


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