Jim Jams

August 19, 2008

Why are pajamas the hardest things to find and buy and have enough of?  I just don’t get it.  It seems like Bub has about 100 pairs, but only one that is right.  The wrong pajamas mean he doesn’t sleep.  He’s too cold, or they bunch up, or the legs ride up, or the top comes untucked.  All I want are footed sleepers made out of thick T-shirt material that fit like a big 18 month or a small 24 month.  Oh, and they need to be cheaper than the freakin’ Carters ones that are 20 bucks each.

Or, I need it to get cold, and for Bub to get bigger, so that we can just get some 24 month blanket sleepers.

Or, I need a baby who sleeps under a blanket and doesn’t freak out if he pjs bunch up.


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