Killer Diller

August 7, 2008

Last night my son killed a cricket.  I know that this isn’t a big deal, but it was just so sad and sort of shocking to see.  He was so delighted with the crickets in our garage.  He was watching them jump and just laughing and laughing.  It was all my fault, because I sort of stepped next to the cricket to make him jump.  Bub tried that, but just stomped right on the little bug.  Then, he couldn’t figure out what happened.  He picked up the (gross, gross, gross) carcass and started crying. 

All I could figure out to do is make him put the dead bug down, wash hands, and have a snack.


2 Responses to “Killer Diller”

  1. Andrea Says:

    That is the saddest story in the world! 😦

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