Swift Boat Veterans for Diapers

August 1, 2008

We always use White Cloud diapers.  Of all the “cheap” diapers, they really are the best.  They are soft, and they fit nicely and don’t leak.  Well, some of them do.

We found out this week that there are two manufacturers of White Clouds.  Sort of like the two makers of Girl Scout cookies, the one that calls the best cookies “Samoas” and the one the calls them “Caramel Delights”.  We brought home our diapers and noticed that the pictures had changed from John Lennon art to zoo animals.  No big deal, I mean, it’s a diaper.  I’m just gonna throw it out.  I put one on the Bub, and it’s way small.  Like, the tabs are out on the transparant side panels.  This is not good.

Then, I notice about an hour later that the velcro on one side has come open and is sticking to his shirt.  Really not good.  I fix it, but an hour after that the whole diaper comes off and falls out of the leg of his shorts.  (My husband sort of panics, and just strips the Bub down.  We were out in the yard playing.  The Bub’s response to being nudie out of doors?  Peeing in the grass.  He leaned up against the side of the deck with both hands out in front bracing himself and then just went.  Perfect “hangover” position!)  We find one of the “old” diapers in the diaper bag and put that on him.  Then we go to CVS and get some of the “second best” diapers.

I’m honestly so pissed (hee) off about this that I take the time to write the company.  I mean, if you want to save a little money, go ahead and make the diapers a little smaller–just change the weights on the box.  But don’t fuck with the tabs!!  The tabs must hold!

They emailed me back this:

Thank you for contacting the Consumer Helpline.  Wal-Mart has two manufacturers for their White Cloud diapers.  It sounds like you may have the diapers from the other manufacturer – Arquest (1-800-526-0914 or 1-888-270-8378) without the package information; it’s really hard to tell the difference.  I think Arquest puts a lot code on the grip tabs on the diapers.  If you see a number on one of the tabs that will indicate that the diapers are manufactured by Arquest.  We have not changed our design; we still have the Lennon characters on our diapers.  If you want to guarantee that you’re getting the diapers that we manufacture, when you’re at the store look for a box or bag that has our phone number printed on it. (See below)

Man, if I were them I would be so angry.  The Arquest diapers suck  They are rougher, and the tabs fail all the time.  We are using them up, but only when he is wearing a tight onesie.  They still fall off.  We found the “right” diapers and side by side the differences are just tremendous.  

So now we know to look for the teeny, tiny phone number printed on the box.  And I know that I have to deal with phone calls from my husband, “what was the number I have to look for again?”.  I just memorized that it ends in “42”.


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