Foam Party

July 16, 2008

We put bubbles in Bub’s bath.  He was not amused.  In fact, he got very upset and started crying.  We tryed to show him that foam is just bubbles (which he likes, he can blow bubbles all by himself) but we eventually just had to get him out of the tub without even washing him.

We were wrapping him in the towel, and he kept pointing at the tub and crying.  He was saying, “Quack quack.  Quack quack!”.  He needed us to rescue his ducks from the evil foam, too.

On Monday, I had to stay after at daycare because he bit *three* kids.  He now has to stay in solitary (a pack and play) whenever he gets cranky or tries to bite.  I really thought this phase was coming to an end, but no.  At least he’s not getting dropped.  We talked about it, and no one wants him to leave daycare, because other than the biting he’s a great kiddo.  I just hope no other parents leave because their kid’s getting bit. 

Today, he has the croup.  We were up from 12 – 3 sitting in the bathroom making steam.  Our vaporizer broke and my husband had to go and get a new one at 2 a.m.  I really am never sleeping again, am I?  Can you survive on three hours a night?  Long term?  I really hope so.


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