Fun with high school students

July 3, 2008

Last night, I went to a ballet class.  I’ve been missing dancing so I called the studio a few blocks from my house.  The classes are 50 minutes, so I can get there after dinner and get home before bed time.  I wasn’t sure about ballet, but it was a free trial so I went.

The “adult” ballet class was all high school students, and me.  They were very nice, and I had a lot of fun (even though ballet is HARD).  After class, they all asked me to stay for the next class which was hip hop.  One chick even helpfully told me that, “my mom even takes hip hop with us sometimes”. 

I told them that I had to go put my kid to bed.

I’m going to stick with it, though.  The studio is nice, very busy and very clean and professional.  The staff I met were very nice and all the classes looked fun but tough.  Maybe I’ll even go to hip hop with the other mommies.  Maybe.


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