Vegas didn’t kill me, but karma is trying to

May 28, 2008

At work, our HVAC has been busted for ages.  Last week they installed a new chiller.  We had no a.c. all last week.  It was in the 80s inside the building.  This week, it was averaging 60 in the building.  And, there were huge puddles everywhere, because of condensation and leaking.  How to fix that?  Blow EPOXY through the system.  While the building was full of people. 

I started coughing and could not stop.  It was amazing.  Just could not stop.  I coughed so hard I threw up in front of my boss.  I did manage to hit my trash can.  Others weren’t so lucky. 

So, we all went home, and actually get paid time for it.  We were told we were going to have to use sick or vacay, so the paid time thing is huge.  I recovered, but it was scary.

And, I think my cat broke another part of her tail–on the section that has no feeling still.  The end has a new kink to it.  We are going to have to go back to the vet and spend another billion dollars that we don’t have to check it out.  And, diabetic cat’s fur is falling out.  And, huge white kitty needs his shots.  I hope the vet has a really nice vacation planned.  I think we can get him to Europe.

Oh, and the daycare thing–tomorrow, I promise.  It’s a whole freakin’ entry.

I’m not completely sure you can’t die of stress, truly. 

But, the Bubber got new sandals yesterday (What to do with my two free hours away from work?  Go to Goodwill, of course!).  I Lysoled them, even though they looked brand new, and when he tried them on he was just uber-delighted.  He was dancing and stomping and pacing around, every once and a while stopping just to admire his feets.  It was beyond joy to watch him.  My boy loves shoes.  What more could a mommy ask for?  And, I got two pairs of new sandals, too.  Also Lysoled and ready to go.  I have to admit, I did a little dancing and admiring myself. 


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