B is for baby who fell down the stairs

May 27, 2008

I know I promised the daycare saga, but this is EVEN MORE DRAMATIC.  My son fell down the stairs.  Every time I close my eyes, I see the instant replay.  It was horrible.  He went down on his back, head first.

It was just a stupid mistake/misunderstanding.  I had been changing a horrible poopy diaper (a 4 wiper!), and had called downstairs to my husband to help me (because I had POOP ON MY HAND).  I thought he was right there.  But he wasn’t.  He was still downstairs.

My son can climb up and down the stairs, just not very well.  He is so short that it’s hard for him to reach, even crawling.  We make him climb down, feet first and facing the stairs.  We always go first, also facing the stairs and holding on to his waist.  So, the kid started for the stairs, and I thought my husband was there.  I hadn’t closed the gate, because I knew we were going back down as soon as the diaper was dealt with, and I thought my husband had followed us up.  When I noticed that my son was starting to climb down alone, I tried to grab him, but I was too late, he had started to slide.  Somehow, he also rolled over, and then the weight of his head turned him headfirst.  And he’s sliding and screaming, and I’m screaming, and my husband shows up screaming at the bottom of the stairs and catches him.  And I cannot stop screaming.

I scream and scream and then I scream at my husband.  I scream “I hate you”.  I’m that crazed and shook up.  I’m terrified that that was some sort of vital truth, but really, I think I was just crazed.  But, that really shut everyone up.  My son is so freaked that he’s stiff.  I am witless that something happened to his neck.  But, he’s totally fine in a few minutes.  Not a bump, bruise, strain or scratch.  It was really the equivalent of going down a slide.  A carpeted slide.

I, however, lost 20 years of my life and will never be the same. 


One Response to “B is for baby who fell down the stairs”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Oh my, my son just fell down the stairs this morning, carpeted too. But, that still didn’t ease my mind. He is very agile at 19.5 months and wanted to go up and get a toy up in the playroom so I waited at the bottom for him. He ALWAYS calls me when he is coming down so I can be there to watch/guide him, kind of cute actually. This time was no different, he called “Ma!” and I looked up and said come on. He had two little plastic toys in one arm and was reaching out for me with the other. So I started up the stairs to bring him down since we both knew he would not have the use of 2 hands to get himself down safely. Well, in the same instant, he looked at me with a sneaky little smile and reached his arm out again — as though to say “Catch me”. Just as I was yelling “NO!” he JUMPED!!!! I shreaked and envisioned a paralyzed toddler landing in my arms and the life ahead of us. I somehow caught him mid-fall (he was on his belly head first) and flipped him into my arms with kid-gloves. After an eternal 5 minutes of mayhem and hyperventilating, the little dear looked at me and asked as he always does when someone is crying, “you alright?” The little stinker was playing with his sister 30 seconds later. I lost some years too, LOL.

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