Oh blog, you have not been forgotten, it’s just Vegas hates me.

May 22, 2008

I love you elvisSo, we went to Las Vegas.  It was a lot of fun, but so much crap happened that, while it didn’t ruin the trip it made for a lot of little pains in the asses.

First of all, we couldn’t do on line check in.  Now, we were cutting it close on time.  We were only getting to the airport about 45 minutes before the flight left.  So I called the airlines and they said that TSA had control of our flight, and there was only in person check in.  We couldn’t even use the machines at the airport.  So, we had to ask our sitter to stay an extra night so that we could leave super-early in the morning.  It was really stressful.

Then, the handle of my luggage broke, and I had to carry it around by it’s middle. 

Then, the handle of my purse broke, ditto.

Then, my husband forgot sunglasses.  He bought new ones, and broke them a few hours later.

Then, my hairdryer, and the hairdryer in the room broke.

Then, we were out and my bra broke.  I should have just thrown it away, but instead I just kept drunkenly pulling on it all night.

I was pretty much drunk the whole, entire vacay.  We met up with a group of friends and I wish I could remember more.  I’m sure they’ll tell me all about what happened!  Also, I didn’t catch up on ANY sleep.  I slept  4 hours the first night and 4 hours the second night.  And, I only got a few hours of sleep the night before our vacation, because I was so stressed out about leaving my son.  I will say, I only called home twice.  And my son was fine.  He had a great time.

Now, I’m back at work and the air conditioning is out.  For the last few days it had averaged over 80 degrees in here.  It’s starting to get a little rank.  And, I can’t concentrate on anything. 

Oh, and our daycare (that I love) is being sold.  More on that later, but after a stressful pre-vacation, a sort of stressful vacation, now I’m back to more stress. 

Oh, and the cat still can’t move her tail. 


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