Cat. Tail. Broke.

May 5, 2008

On Friday, I was putting the kid to bed (ha!) when there was a crash from the first floor.  I saw a blurry streak of fur run past the nursery door.  After getting the boy off to sleep, for however short a time, I went downstairs.  Nothing was knocked over or broken.

There was no sign of the cat, Miss Fiona, until Saturday night.  I got up to go the the bathroom and she was behind the toilet.  For such a prissy, fussy little thing, well, being near a toilet is just unheard of.  I pet her, and my husband carried her upstairs to her food bowl.  Sunday morning, same thing, behind the toilet. 

I carried her out to the kitchen, and she jumped up on the kitchen counter and stayed there, not moving.  That’s when I noticed that what especially wasn’t moving was her tail.  A call to the emergency vet, a long drive to the emergency vet, and an x-ray later and her tail, it is officially broken.

She gets to keep it for now, but if it’s not healed in a month then she has to have it amputated.  It’s extra sad, because she really works that tail.  It’s very expressive and to see it limp and touching the ground (she even stood on it at the vet’s) is just heartbreaking.  The vet bill, especially coming two weeks before our vacation that we can’t afford, is also heartbreaking. 


One Response to “Cat. Tail. Broke.”

  1. acdalton Says:

    UPDATE: Miss Fiona is now venturing out around the house a little bit. She also is using her back muscles (I think) to keep the tip of her tail from dragging on the ground. Awesome!

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