Earthquake ’08

April 18, 2008

This morning there was a tiny earthquake.  Maybe you’ve heard.  I had been awake for about 2 minutes, and was staring at the coffee pot trying to remember how to make coffee (like I do every morning) and one of the cats starting running up and down the stairs just freaking out, and stuff was jiggling, and my husband came running out of the bedroom in his underpants yelling, “was that an earthquake”, and our *other* cat had a seizure that took all my limited attention.

Yes, a seizure.  He sort of froze up and he felt like a taxidermed cat.  It was way scary, but he came to pretty quickly.  We were just freaking out, and the whole time I was saying, “Shhhh, don’t wake up the baby!” because that is my sole focus at all times when he is sleeping.  I was also thinking to myself, “God, please don’t let the power go out until I’ve made coffee.”

Then it was all over, and the cats normalized, and the dog finally came inside (I had let him out to go potty, and he wouldn’t come back in.  He’s the smartest of all of us.  The middle of the backyard is the only place where nothing could fall on you.), I made coffee AND, drumroll please, the baby didn’t wake up.

So, how was your morning?


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