I’m Bapa!

April 10, 2008

For months, I’ve been bummed that my son only says “Papa” and “Dada”.  While I may be great at the feeding and the getting the toys out from under the couch parts of parenting, for my kid, Papa is the preferred parent.  That baby’s little face just lights up when my husband comes into view, and he yells “Papa!” and frankenwalks (that’s what we call his straight-legged baby gait) over to him and grabs him around his knees.

Well, a few days ago, we noticed a slight variation in the babe’s speech.  “Bapa!”  And Bapa is me.  I may not get the joy that Papa, does, but when a toy is under the couch, or someone needs a snack, then Bapa is there!  And, while I also don’t get run over when I enter a room, it’s distinctly “Bapa” that is moaned in the middle of the night when someone needs a sip of water from a blue cup and a little hug.  So Papa is for the good times but Bapa’s got your back.


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