Is this toddlerhood?

April 7, 2008

Oh my god this weekend my child broke.  I hope he’s still under warrenty, because I may have to exchange him.  See, he used to never cry.  In fact, when he would cry, we would be so freaked out we would panic.  “He’s crying!  What should we do!”.  But this weekend the boy cried on an hourly basis.  He would turn beet red and be bawling over everything.  Things that never fazed him before–the cabinet locks, toys rolling under the couch, not being about to reach stuff, diaper changes, all these things would cause huge temper tantrums.

We think he’s teething, but he wouldn’t chew on anything but his fingers.  He wanted his pacifier all the time, but we tried to limit that just for “emergencies”.  We got through all of Sunday without it.  We had sort of put all the pacifiers away, because he never needed pacifing!  On Friday night though, out of desperation, I found one and gave it to him.  I’m not like “anti-pacifier” or anything, but since he never really seemed to care if he didn’t have one, well, why start a habit you have to break later?  But, I’m glad we had it for the last few nights!

I will say, that I surprised myself.  Instead of losing my temper, or getting frustrated, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to just see the humor in it all.  I’m sure, two years from now, I won’t think temper tantrums are funny, but my husband and I seemed to be able to get through with good humor and lots of laughter.  Here’s hoping the new teeth poke through soon, and my son is back to his happy-go-lucky self, but if not, and this is going to be his toddlerhood, well, now I know why god invented the marguerita. 


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