Hello, My Name is Biter

March 27, 2008

My son, my glorious baby son, is now the daycare biter.  They weren’t going to tell me at first because they all knew I’d freak out.  (Ha!  I totally did!)  Miss Laura finally spilled the beans, though.  Of course, being me, I had to look up “biting” in all my parenting books.  The biggest and best advice?  Ignore it.  So, I just told daycare that if he looks like he’s going to bite, or if he does bite, put him in a pack and play and ignore him for a little bit.

So, that’s what they did.  Now this sort of unofficial time-out produces predictable results at home.  We use this technique when he won’t stop doing something dangerous, like hitting the window glass with his toys.  He stares at me through the mesh sides, sniffling and promising me with his eyes that he will never do the bad thing again–at least for that day.

At daycare, however, being put in a playpen doesn’t seem to be a punishment.  He *loves* it in there.  I think he just loves being left alone and left in peace.  He sits in there, singing to himself and waving at the other kids like, “look at me, I’m so cool here in my playpen!”  So, it’s not much of a punishment at all.  I’m not sure what that means for the biting, but it’s nice to know my kid is happy all day long, even in time out.

Yesterday, we went to the doctor for vaccinations.  For the first time in months and months, his weight was on the growth chart.  Fifth percentile, but on the chart!  He’s always been a little guy, but it’s so nice to stop worrying anymore about his weight.  He took his shots like a trooper, but when the doctor looked in his ears, he screamed so loud and long he got a nosebleed.  I thought for sure something was terribly wrong with his ears, but nope–they were fine and as soon as the probe came out the screaming stopped and he was all smiles.  Kids are so weird.

His weight gain also made him big enough to ride facing front!  We installed new carseats and now he rides like a man.  It’s awesome to be able to just turn around at red lights and tickle his feeties.  And, he can look out the moon roof!  I don’t think he ever even knew it was there.  Next up, we have to wean from the bottle.  I’m not looking forward to that.  He still gets two to three bottles a day, and I’m pretty sure I can replace all of those with a cup, except for the morning bottle that he gets in bed with daddy.  But, like everything to do with parenting, I guess we’ll muddle through. 


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