We really aren’t nuts

March 18, 2008

Wow, I’ve really been name-checking every parenting book out there, haven’t I?  I know it seems that we are being completely a. nuts and b. inconsistant in dealing with our non-sleeping kid.  But, honestly, the struggle between my husband and I on what to do about it has been a pretty major issue, and I, as a librarian, have turned to research as my last resort.  With each new book I read (well, skim…) I try and take away a few new things to try, distilling the information and reporting to my husband over dinner.  It always boils down to the same 2 things:  Cry it out, or pick up/put down.  My husband always chooses pick up/put down so we continue on (see, consistancy!)  And I continue on reading, trying to make sense out of a kid who wakes up kicking and screaming.

In other news, I have grown my hair out to the exact hair cut that I have wanted for months and months.  Long with layers from my shoulders down so that it almost looks all one length and can be put up without a bunch of layers falling out of the clip.  Unfortunately, this haircut looks like crap on me.  What to do now?  I think I’ll just stop cutting and styling it and give up.


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