My boy, he walks!

March 14, 2008

Last night my son took 4 steps before my screaming startled him and he fell on his butt.  I’m not entirely sure he even knew he was walking, because he was very, very busy with his Southpark magnets.  He was playing in the kitchen, Stan in one hand and Cartman in the other (I’m pretty sure they were curing AIDS), and he pulled himself up on my legs, then he turned around and had nothing to hold on to and just started steppin’ out.  My husband was in the bathroom, but I screamed so loudly that he came running out.  I think he got his pants pulled up, but I wasn’t looking at him.  I’m so glad that we both got to see our walkin’ man.

After we put the babe to bed, we watched Top Chef.  It looks to be a really good season, with some really talented chefs and some totally oddball personalities.  I don’t know names yet, but there’s some dude with a big nose that is totally hilarious.  He seems to have put on some sort of TV tough guy persona that reminds me of dear departed Herbert Kornfeld of accounts receevin’.  They ate/made pizza from Unos and now I cannot stop thinking about pizza.  I’m hitting our Unos on the way home and picking up a giant stuffed pizza, for sure.  I’m totally obsessed.  It’s going to have to be Pizza and A BJ day, instead of Steak.  Oh, and that BJ?  We’ll see.  

Today at lunch I watched the first episode of Buffy (I *heart* hulu).  I can’t believe it’s been long enough that it seems fresh to me again.  I also can’t believe that despite some bad acting, it was just totally awesome.  Did you remember that Darla was there from jump?  I didn’t.  And I can’t even look at the Master without thinking “bater”.  It’s shocking how many of those lines are just part of the way we talk.  Only Seinfeld has affected my speech patterns more. 


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