March 13, 2008

So, yesterday was “hump day” and my husband and I, well, decided to celebrate.  It’s absolutely indicative of how little we are alone together, that we spent the whole time talking and not really humping.

Being parents of a 1 year old who doesn’t sleep means that you go to great lengths at night to divide the workload.  I’m sure that even parents who let their kids “cry it out”, still have to split up at night, just so one person can put in earplugs or whatever.  Almost all my friends who have babies resort to strange sleeping arrangements, at least for the first few months.  One person sleeps on the couch, or in a spare room, while the baby sleeps in the bed.  Or, like us, one person sleeps with the monitor and does baby duty, while the other one gets a whole, blissful night of sleeping.  Or, like we used to, take shifts.  If one or both of the parents work, then honestly, the only time you have together is the bit right after the baby goes down, and before you both collapse.  This is not exactly intimate.  You really have to plan and pick a day when you both got some sleep the night before to be “hump day”.  Mood?  You just have to fake it til you make it, because there may not be another chance that week.

The problem we have is that the only conversations we have are about the baby or about household crap.  Lately, we have been making a huge effort to talk about other topics over dinner, but with the babe right there, being cute and cramming broccolli into his cheeks like a hampster, well, we just talk about the baby.

So, last night, our designated “hump day” turned into more talk than action.  I don’t know whether to be disappointed or happy.  It was so nice just to talk to my husband.  Not really about any topic, just laughing and chatting.  Maybe we need to make appointments to talk as well as to hump. 


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