Well, that didn’t happen

March 10, 2008

The sleep training was a bust.  We did pretty well on Friday night, with letting him cry a little longer each time he woke up, and not picking him up as much and not rocking him at all.  He was up a lot, but had a good stretch from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m.  Yes, that’s a “good stretch”!

On Saturday, my husband went to a movie with a friend.  I put the babe down at about 8:30 and then set the clocks ahead for Daylight savings.  He was up at 9:30 (10:30 in DST) but went back to sleep by himself.  Then he was up a half hour later.  He screamed for 5 minutes and then started coughing.  The weird coughing.  The “is this croup, I have no idea” coughing.  So I went in.  He was breathing a little roughly, but I couldn’t tell if it was because of crying/screaming or what so I put him back down.  He was up again a half hour later and still coughing and breathing funny.  My husband came home right when the babe fell asleep, but we woke him up because I made my husband come and listen to the breathing.  He couldn’t sleep with two crazy people staring at him!

We decided, after panicking and reading a few chapters of our baby books, that we should get the vaporizer out and see if that helped.  We were seriously on the verge of going to the emergency room, but the babe was sleeping again and, well, you don’t mess with that!  He started breathing more comfortably, but we were so freaked out that my husband slept on the floor of the nursery and I kept the monitor on full blast all night to listen to the breathing.  The baby slept pretty good, only getting up one more time, but we didn’t sleep at all!  And we definetely didn’t let him “cry it out”.

So, we’re back to square one.  The vaporizer vaporized whatever was wrong and the babe is happy and healthy (well, with a bit of a snotty nose, but that’s a permanent fixture when you’re one and it’s winter) but we’re still going to him right away and at least patting his back and making sure he’s breathing well.  He seems to be in a pattern of waking up almost hourly from 8:30 to about 2:00 and then sleeping a “good stretch” until morning. 

We’re planning on trying more “sleep training”, letting him cry longer and not rocking him, just picking up until he settles and putting him down and rubbing his back a bit, and eventually not picking him up at all, this week. 

Now, I’m enjoying a rare weekday off, with the babe at daycare.  He wasn’t snotty this morning, or coughing, so we took him to the sitter’s and I’m finally going to strip off the last of the horrid wallpaper border that the former owner of our house left behind.  We’ve redecorated every room except for one bathroom.  It’s the baby’s bathroom, and over the next few weekends it will be transformed from a girly, Paris themed, ivy-bordered guest bath into a blue painted, comic book land with a Spider-man shower curtain and framed comic art on the walls.  It’s hard being the female minority.  The only girly place left in the whole place was that bathroom!  But I think I’ll move “Paris” to our tiny half-bath.  It’s currently black and tan, but it can be pink and black with just a gallon of paint!


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