Jump, Hive and Wail

March 7, 2008

I still have hives.  They are getting better, as in I don’t look like a cooked lobster, but there’s always some part of my body itching at any given time.  These suckers move around every few minutes!  My back will stop itching, and before I can even relax my elbow will feel like ants are crawling on it.   A combo of Benadryl and Zyrtec is keeping things in check.  The horror is that I have scratched so much, even with my clipped nails, that I have scratch marks and even bruises all over.  It’s pretty nastified.

This weekend my husband and I are committing to “sleep training” the babe.  We are still in the process of picking exactly what we are going to do, but are deciding tonight on a plan and then sticking to it without exeption.  We have tried various methods in the past, but then babe would get sick, or we would be so tired we would forget what we were doing, or something would happen to make us fall back on picking him up and rocking him every time he wakes up.  We really aren’t doing anyone any favors with this.  No one is sleeping, not even the pets.  I think we are just teaching our son to wake up, not to sleep. 

The other night, the boy was up every hour until 4 a.m.  It was like having a newborn all over again, but without the breastfeeding.  I guess I can be thankful for that!  Last night we got a break, and he was only up twice the whole night.  I think this is what convinced my husband that the baby can sleep through the night, and really isn’t in pain, or scared–that he’s just spoiled.  I know we’ll still go and check on him when he’s really screaming, but we have to stop picking him up and rocking him. 

So, we’ve read Baby Whisperer, Ferber, No-Cry and Healthy Sleep and are coming up with a plan that uses a little from all three approaches.  I really don’t want to leave him to cry it out for a long stretch right away.  We’ve been waiting 10 minutes before going in and rocking him, and I think we are going to wait 15 minutes tonight, then 20 minutes the next night.  We also have tried not picking him up, and just rubbing his back, but that is *really* hard to do.   I think we are going back to the Baby Whisperer “pick up/put down” approach for a few days, and ease into the “not picking him up” routine.  We’ve actually had some success with “pick up/put down” in the past, but didn’t stick with it because the baby got pneumonia and then all bets were off for sleeping.  (If you don’t know the Baby Whisperer, basically you pick up the kid until he stops crying but is still awake, and then put him down.  If he starts crying again, repeat, and keep repeating until he’s asleep.  This sounds bat shit crazy, I know.)

Anyway, I’ll be using the blog to keep track of our progress, if there is any!  I’m not looking forward to listening to my son cry for 15 minute stretches, but something has to give.  I want to go and hold him at every peep, but I think I finally get that good sleep isn’t taught, that it’s there all along if some well-meaning idiot doesn’t keep picking you up out of your bed every hour. 


One Response to “Jump, Hive and Wail”

  1. Annemarie Says:

    Hey! Good luck.

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