The Hives

March 5, 2008

Not the cool ones, but I am wearing black and white in their honor.

The night before last I was up, even when my son was sleeping, because my hands were itching.  The next day, my head was itching.  I just figured it was my new, fabulous anti-frizz hair stuff.  This pissed me off, because it was working and my hair looked anti-frizzed.

But, by the time I had driven home in an ice storm, I was covered in hives.  WTF?  Stress?  The strawberries I had for lunch?  I don’t even care what caused them, it was awful.  And, they are still ongoing.  They keep popping up, itching and itching, and then moving around, re-forming in different places.

The only good thing to come from this is that my husband took baby-duty all night, and I got to take a benedryl and sleep and sleep and sleep.  I only woke up once, when the baby was screaming so loudly I heard him through both the drugs and earplugs.

So, I’m not at all tired today, but I can’t enjoy it because of the itching.


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