March 1, 2008

Today I took the dog and one of the cats to the vet (so 50% of the pets are mad at me) . The dog had lost 4 pounds. How can he lose a fifth of his body weight without visibly suffering and I can’t lost 10 pounds? Maybe I really do need Jenny Craig to measure out all my food for me…

Afterwards, we were driving home, and I saw the dog get a very pensive look on his face. You could almost hear him saying, “keep it together, dude”. I just knew he was getting carsick, but I just kept on driving. Over the years I’ve had pets puke, pee and poop in the car, so I knew that whatever happened the car wash could get the smell out!

But he made it home, jumped out of the car, ran inside and puked in the hallway. What a champ!


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